Zhang Ke at Tokyo Designers Week
30 October 2012

Zhang Ke was invited to Tokyo Designers Week 2012, which was held from 10.30th until 11.5th. The exhibition named “Ito Jakuchu Inspired” is curated by Toyo Ito. Other invited designers include Junya Ishigami, Suo Fujimoto, and Marcel Wanders. Zhang Ke’s work -“The Shinki of Chairs” were produced by leading Chinese furniture brand Camerich.

张轲受邀参加2012东京设计师周。本次展览名为“源自伊藤若冲的灵感作品展”由伊东丰雄Toyo Ito策展,其他受邀的设计师包括藤本壮介、石上纯也、和Marcel Wanders. 张轲作品“椅子的神气”由中国著名品牌Camerich锐驰合作完成。
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