Camerich Furniture Concepts and Showroom
13 September 2011

Standardarchitecture participated in the Opening Ceremony of the '2011 Camerich Concept Furniture' show on September 14th in Shanghai. Zhang Ke and his team designed a series of five furniture products coupled with the pavilion called 'Folding House' for this leading Chinese furniture brand.

The concept for the showroom is a vision of the house of the future, which upholds values of 2020 such as lightness, transparency, spatial multiplicity, openness and continuity

what is the furniture of our time?
what does furniture represent?
what does furniture do to our community?
what is the relationship between furniture and our cities?
what does furniture do to our body?
what does furniture do to our lives?

Each furniture line has its own answers to these questions:

furniture as process
furniture as moments
furniture as discovery

furniture as bodily landscape
furniture as exploration of fluidity
furniture as public intimacy

furniture as thin as paper
furniture as elastic formality
furniture as a statement of simplicity

furniture as emotional expression
furniture as personal stand in
furniture as chatting friend

furniture as pets
furniture as daydreaming
furniture as domesticated clouds

furniture as future antics
furniture as memory of today
furniture as nostalgic futures

Design team: Zhang Ke, Jesper Reiter, Simon Hjalmar Persson, Claire Rizzi, Fu Yun, Hector Peinador
Project Name: Camerich Concept Show
Location: Furniture China, Shanghai New International Expo Center
Program: Concept show consisting of showroom and furniture showing the future of furniture
Design period: June - September 2011
Construction period: August - September 2011
Site area: 273 sqm
Building area: 500 sqm
Architect: standardarchitecture

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