Rizhao Community Art Center on GA Document
10 June 2020

The aim of the Rizhao Community Art Center is to bring art to the local community and provide public space for the area. The project is located in a resort in Rizhao, a city by the coastline of the Yellow Sea in the Shandong province. The project is part of a masterplan for a development project, which includes several public buildings and housing projects.

The organic shape of the building is designed with great attention to the existing conditions of the surrounding landscape and the site, that is located on a hillside. The Community Art Center is therefore inte-grated into the existing topography.

The structural system of the building is a curved grid of concrete beams leaned on three structural supports placed on the three corners of the building. The main facade system is cast on-site double-layer concrete with insulation.

The concrete structure forms a sculptural space on the ground level, a new public landscape formed within the building. The ground level is designed as a permeable space open to the community and the sur-rounding with access from each direction of the site. The building opens to the existing lake in the north-east direction and is connected to the existing roads by footbridges from other directions of the site. The existing golf course with facilities, located on the north-east side of the site, is integrated to the building. The ground level is an open public space, flexible to host different cultural evens for both the local community and visitors, such as an outdoor cinema and a theatre.

Vertical structural support is provided by three cores for circulation through the building. In combination with the enclosed cores, the open sculptural space on the ground level provides different moments and varying conditions of light, dimensions, and shapes.

The basement floor is designed to pro-vide spaces for an art gallery, where the structural elements form separation walls for the exhibition spaces and the shape of the sculptural ceiling follows the lines of the existing topography of the site.

Architects: ZAO/standardarchitecture
principal-in-charge: Zhang Ke
project team: Zhang Mingming, Paolo Failla, Shasha Wang, Yunsi Hua, Luciano Ricci, Ana Paisano, Yu Yihua, Zhang Yehan
Consultant: China Architecture Design Research Group
structural/mechanical Program: community art center
Structural system: concrete
Major materials: concrete
Site area: 1,681㎡
Building area: 1,130 ㎡
Total floor area: 2,525 ㎡

日照コミュニティア一トセンタ一は,現地のコミュニティにア一トをもたらし,地域に公共空間を提供するという目的に基づいている。この計画は山東省の黄海沿岸の都市,日照市にあるリゾ一トの一角に位置し,複数の公共建築や住宅計画をはじめとする開発計画マスタ一プラ >の一部として扱われている。






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