Longji Primary School: a donation from ZAO/standardarchitecture
06 August 2019

Guangxi Longji Primary School

The new Guangxi Longji Primary School is conceived as a “house” designed for students and teachers, where a series of intimate spaces open to a breathtaking landscape of terraced rice fields. The new building grows out from the existing school and then into the earth, reshaping the site topography as well as embedding itself as part of the slope.

The upper part of the building, at the courtyard level, is a semi-outdoor space, where the canteen is anchored around a fireplace, hearth of the school. This space links the existing building to the lower level of the new extension by a series of big steps, shaping an auditorium open to the landscape. This auditorium is equipped with a folding wall that can be used for projection. A new multifunctional classroom, with a library niche, is located at the lower level. 

A brown red exposed concrete, casted in wooden formworks, emphasizes the penetration into the earth, creating subtle dialogue with the local wooden buildings.




带有木纹理的棕红色混凝土强调了建筑渗入山丘和泥土中的感觉, 也与当地的木结构民居发生了微妙的对话。

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